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CD "Time to Tell" - 2nd Album

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奇才EL-MALO 柚木隆一郎がボーカル&シンセで3曲参加、清水ひろたか(Cornelius, Yoko Ono's Plastic Ono Band, Mi-Gu)共同プロデュースによるセカンドアルバム「Time to Tell」

1. Letter to home
2. Fireworks
3. All the stars
4. Powder snow (feat. Hirotaka Shimizu)
5. Egyptian wind (feat. Ryuichiro Yunoki)
6. Highway cowboy (feat. Ryuichiro Yunoki)
7. Requiem (feat. Ryuichiro Yunoki)
8. Secret
9. Sweetest memory
10. When I see your eyes
11. Clock is ticking slower today

品番: WVS-0001
発売日: 2015年12月2日(水)
発売元: Water Valley Sounds
販売元: 株式会社 ウルトラ・ヴァイヴ

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2nd album "Time to Tell" was released on December 2nd, 2015.
Co-produced by Hirotaka "Shimmy" Shimizu, a guitarist, producer who is known for being a tour member of Cornelius, Yoko Ono's Plastic Ono Band, Mi-Gu and other world known acts.
Cult rock star Ryuichiro Yunoki (EL-MALO) paid big contribution on 3 songs as a guest appearance. Honeydew managed to create "Time to Tell" in variety of styles and sounds with the help of those veteran musicians. One of the must-listen albums for 90's alternative rock fans, and just in general for all the music fans.

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¥2,000 tax included