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CD "Gift EP"

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Honeydew “Gift EP” Release date: 2017/6/16

will be sold at OTOTOY online (ハイレゾ配信,WAV,MP3/Hi-Resolution 88.2khz/24bit, WAV, and MP3 format), Thistime Online store (CD-R), iTunes store, and at our shows!

(English written below)
"Time To Tell" から1年半ぶりの新作はセルフプロデュースのEP。無駄のないストレートな演奏にシューゲイズの要素を混ぜたUS/UKマニア向けのオルタナティブ・ロックだが、ポップなメロディーとコードワーク、アレンジは洋楽邦楽どちらのファンでも楽しめる楽曲になっている。高音質に拘り、スタジオでしっかりとレコーディングした渾身の2曲に、まるでブラジルのアマゾンにでもいるような感覚を味わえるOmega f2;kによるエキゾチックなリミックスを含む全3曲入りEP!

It’s been a year and half since Honeydew has released the 2nd album “Time To Tell” co-produced with Hirotaka “Shimmy” Shimizu (of Cornelius, Yoko Ono’s PLASTIC ONO BAND fame). This EP was self-produced, but to get high quality sounds, Honeydew spent good amount of time in two recording studios. Two straightforward alternative rock songs with some element of shoegaze, and should be an ear candy for US/UK alternative/indie rock fans, as well as J-rock fans. Last song is a remix version of “Fireworks” remixed by Omega f2;k. This track will take your mind to the jungle or amazon in Brazil or something. Somehow creepy, but great!

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¥1,000 tax included